Join Us at AISTech 2021!

  AISTech 2021 is less than a month away! This year Steel’s Premier Technology Event is being held at the Music City Center in Nashville, … Continued

Sheet and Plate Handling

Sheet and plate go through multiple processes from the rolling mill until they become final product.  This post will discuss the different types of lifters … Continued

Billet and Spacer Grab

Homogenization is an important step in the processing of aluminum billets. Once the billets have been lifted out of the casting pits and downended, they … Continued

Billet Ring Lifting Beams

Vertical drop casting is the primary method used by aluminum manufacturers around the world for the creation of round billets. The process involves pouring molten … Continued

Coil Handling Equipment Options

Coil handling poses a unique challenge, in that there are just as many options for lifting equipment as there are  variations in the requirements. This … Continued

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