Material handling in the Paper industry centers around solving the problem of how to move large paper rolls safely and efficiently. Bradley Lifting offers a full suite of design options to suit nearly every roll-handling application in the paper mill.


J-Hook beams

One of the most straightforward methods of roll handling is the j-hook beam. The unit lifts a roll via a center shaft, seated within the hooks on the beam. This style of lifter can be provided with fixed or adjustable hooks, to suit a variety of roll widths.

These units can also be provided with either a manual or motorized rotate feature, to allow the roll to be positioned as needed.


Roll Lifting Sling Beam

Another straightforward method of roll handling is a sling beam. These units lift a roll via web slings, suspended from hooks on the beam. This allows for a great degree of flexibility in the width and diameter of the roll but does require more operator effort to attach to the load.


Telescoping Roll Grab

In situations where rolls need to be lifted over the ends, but do not have a center shaft, a unit such as a Telescoping Roll Grab is the ideal solution. This unit grips a paper roll via replaceable, serrated grip pads. Each grip pad is mounted to mechanical wedges that provide additional grip during lifting.

The legs are telescoped “in and out” by an AC motor with brake, heavy-duty drive train, and final rack and pinion. Dual sliding members are used for better support of the telescoping legs with replaceable brass wear plates in the frame.


Roll Grab with Rotate 

These units can also be provided with a built-in motorized rotator, which allows the load to be rotated horizontally.  The rotate drive consists of an AC motor with brake, heavy-duty drive train, and final pinion and internal gear within a Rotek bearing.

Telescoping Paper Roll Turnover grab

When your process requires end-over-end rotation of a paper roll, a Roll Turnover Grab is an excellent option. Similar to the Telescoping Roll Grab above, this unit has legs that telescope in and out. The unit grips the load via replaceable, friction-type grip pads.

The rollover is achieved by an AC brake motor, belt drive, heavy-duty drive train, pinion and final spur gear.

As with the Telescoping Roll Grab, this style of lifting device can be provided with a motorized rotator, to allow both vertical and horizontal rotation of the rolls.

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas on the options available for handling paper rolls. Bradley Applications Engineers are always available to assist you if you have any questions. Click Here to contact us, and we will be glad to answer any of your questions!