Before we can discuss Bradley Potroom Lifting Equipment, I would like to provide a quick overview of aluminum smelting, and the production line that smelting occurs in, called a “potroom”.

Aluminum smelting is the process by which aluminum is extracted from the raw ores that are collected from the earth’s crust. The primary smelting method that is used for commercial use is called the Deville process. This process utilized massive amounts of electricity to extract liquid aluminum from the raw ore, leaving the remaining chemicals as a sediment at the bottom of the “pot” this process is completed in. These “pots” are lined up in a series to allow mass production of aluminum, which is why this production line is called a “potroom”.

As you can image, potrooms are an integral part of the overall aluminum manufacturing process. Over the next few posts, we will be exploring the different lifting solutions available for anodes, crucibles, and general potroom maintenance. These solutions will help improve the safety and efficiency of you current potroom operations.

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