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Billet and Spacer Grab

Homogenization is an important step in the processing of aluminum billets. Once the billets have been lifted out of the casting pits and downended, they … Continued

Billet Ring Lifting Beams

Vertical drop casting is the primary method used by aluminum manufacturers around the world for the creation of round billets. The process involves pouring molten … Continued

Coil Handling Equipment Options

Coil handling poses a unique challenge, in that there are just as many options for lifting equipment as there are  variations in the requirements. This … Continued

Lifting Equipment Service and Inspections

Material handling equipment is often subjected to extreme operating conditions, especially when used in the mill environment. Frequent inspection and preventative maintenance are the best … Continued

Remote Operated Hook Latch

Having a durable latch on your crane hooks is an essential step to increase safety in your plant. Not only is it required by the … Continued

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