Anodes are continually consumed in the smelting process and must be frequently replaced. The carbon blocks are transported to the potlines, old anodes removed, and new anodes mounted on the superstructure. Occasionally pieces of the used anodes break off in the pot and must be scooped out of the bath. These are all tasks that can be made easier with the use of Bradley Lifting Anode Handling Equipment.

Anode Lifting Beams

Anode Lifting Beams are common tool used for transporting anodes throughout the potroom. Often fabricated from non-magnetic materials, they are a simple but effective lifting device, designed to be unaffected by the magnetic environments seen in potrooms.

The structural frame of every Bradley Anode Lifting Beam is designed custom to match the configuration dictated by your existing potroom equipment. The lifting beams can incorporate specialized Anode Lifting Hooks to connect to a variety of Anode shapes and sizes. These hooks can either be operated manually, or with the assistance of pnuematic cylinders.

Fallen Anode Tongs

Once the carbon anodes have been installed into the smelting reduction pot, it begins to be consumed through the smelting process. As the anode is consumed the likelihood begins to increase that it will disconnect from the structural frame that feeds the anode into the molten bath. At that point, it becomes a fallen anode, and no longer conducts the electricity required for smelting.

Fallen Anode Tongs are devices designed to lift fallen anodes out of the molten back, so that a new anode can be installed, and smelting can commence. Similar to the Anode Lifting Beams above, Bradley Fallen Anode Tongs are typically fabricated from non-magnetic material. Additionally, they often incorporate an automatic latch to allow the legs to close on the anode without manual actuation by the crane operator.

Fallen anode tongs can be provided along with a rigid mast to connect to your existing potroom crane, or with a lifting bail to suspend from a crane hook.

Bath Scoop Tongs

Similar in operation to Fallen Anode Tongs, Bath Scoop Tongs allow operators to clean smaller anode fragments out of the molten bath. The tong above includes a swivel connection, to allow the tong to be locked in 90° increments.


Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas on the options available for handling anodes. Bradley Applications Engineers are always available to assist you if you have any questions.

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