Standard Blocks

Standard Bottom Blocks

Bradley Lifting manufactures an extensive range of Mill-Duty Crane Bottom Blocks to replace your worn-out existing units. These blocks are built for continuous mill environments and meet or exceed the latest industry specifications (CMAA 70,
AIST Tech. Report No. 6, etc.) Open die and closed die hook shapes are available with custom Heavy-Duty Latches. Through our parent company Xtek Inc., we also offer replacement sheaves with carburized rope landing areas to improve service life and decrease corrugation and wire rope wear.

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Motorized Rotating Blocks

Bradley Motorized Rotating Crane Blocks are an excellent solution to replace your existing bottom blocks when controlled rotation of loads is required. Our blocks are custom designed to retrofit your existing crane reeving and are also available in Low-Headroom configurations. Powered rotation can be continuous or limited to a specific range. Electronic or mechanical stops can be added to index the hook position at 90° increments, if desired. Slip rings for pass-through connections are available on the block to connect suspended, powered equipment below the hook and avoid twisting of conductors. Weigh scale systems, remotely operated latches, and many other features are also available.

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Motorized Rotation

Asked & Answered

Q: What is Needed to Operate these Powered Rotating Hooks?
A: Your crane should have a power supply line to the block, either Three Phase AC or DC is most common. Reversing motor starters are necessary to control operation, these may already exist on your crane or can be provided by Bradley. Most often these are mounted on the crane, out of harms way.

Q: What if I don’t have power available to the crane hook?
A: No Problem! Bradley can also provide battery operated blocks with wireless controls.

Q: Can I replace my standard block with a powered rotator?
A: Of course! Most of our powered rotating blocks are sold to replace standard bottom blocks in order to offer controlled positioning of loads. If your crane reeving is stable, and resists twisting, we can configure a Power Rotating Block to suit your needs.

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