Block Tongs

Manual, Automatic, and Semi-Automatic Mechanical Tongs are available to suit your block handling needs. Whether you are handling a single block or multiple units, Bradley Engineers can provide a custom solution for your lifting application. Mechanical Tongs are a great, cost-effective solution for light to medium processes, or where less frequent lifts are required. Custom-configured to a single load, or range of loads, these devices will improve the safety, ergonomics, and efficiency of your material handling process.

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Manual Block Grabs

The handling of block-shaped materials is a common requirement and Bradley Lifting Engineers have developed a long list of proven lifting solutions. Whether it’s handling metals (ferrous & non-ferrous) wood, paper, carbon, cement, or refractories, we have the solution for you. Manually operated units offer the flexibility to operate from any overhead hoist where an auxiliary power source is not available. From simple pick-and-place to rollover type grabs, Bradley lifting has the solution for you!

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Manual Grabs

Motorized Grabs

Motorized Block Grabs

Bradley Lifting Motorized Block Grabs can lift either a single block or clamp across several blocks at once (i.e. “book-ending”). During the lift, our block grabs can rotate the load about the horizontal or vertical axis or, for multiple items, shift the position of each block relative to the group. Motorized Block Grabs are the perfect solution for handling large and heavy loads, or where a high number of lifts are necessary for your production process.


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Asked & Answered

Q: What options are available for gripping blocks?
A: Grip Points or Jaws are often used and selected based on the material to be handled. When surface finish is important, non-marking grip pads can be chosen to help protect your materials.

Q: Can multiple blocks be handled at once?
A: Bradley Lifting has many solutions for handling multiple blocks. The most common approach is squeezing the blocks together or “book-ending” as it is sometimes referred to.

Q: Can blocks be positioned once lifted?
A: Yes. Depending on the needs of your application, Bradley Engineers can design a lifter to allow pivoting, rotating, or upending.

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