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Manually Operated Sheet and Plate Lifters

Manually Operated Sheet Lifters

When a power supply is not available, or when access to the lifter is not an issue, a manually operated sheet lifter is an excellent choice. Particularly useful for handling stacks of sheet metal, these lifters are also effective for handling single sheet and plate as well. A hand wheel or chain wheel is used to open and close the lifter. Telescoping and Parallelogram styles are available to suit your specific application.

Motorized Sheet Lifters

Motorized Sheet Lifters provide the utmost efficiency and ease of use. When frequent handling is needed, or when access to the lifter is limited, a motorized lifter is the ultimate choice. Rugged and dependable, Bradley Motorized Sheet Lifters are a sure way to boost your productivity. Motorized Sheet Lifters can also be configured for manual use when a power supply is not available.
Motorized Sheet and Plate Lifters

Plate Tongs - Sheet and Plate Lifters

Plate Tongs

Mechanical Plate Tongs offer a simple and efficient method for lifting and moving single plates in a production environment. Single and multiple leg tongs are available to suit a wide range of plate lengths. These tongs can be Semi-Automatic or Automatic in operation, providing choices for you to select the tong that suits your specific application. Versions are also available for handling stacks of plate or slabs when necessary.

Pallet Lifters

Pallet Lifters are produced in a wide range of configurations, each specifically suited to the customer’s unique application and material handling requirements. These lifters are available with either fixed or adjustable forks and are balanced to hang level when empty and when lifting. Multiple fork configurations are available for handling long loads. Additional features such as bumpers and covers to help protect the loads are also available.
Pallet Lifters - Sheet and Plate Lifters

Asked & Answered

Q: What is the advantage of an Automatic Plate Tong versus a Telescoping Plate Lifter?
A: Automatic Plate Tongs excel in high production environments where efficiency is paramount, however, they are limited in the range of sizes that can be handled with a single unit. Telescoping Lifters offer greater flexibility in the range of sizes that can be handled, and also excel at handling extremely long plate.

Q: How do I select the type of lifter for my application?
A: Bradley Lifting produces many different below-the-hook devices for lifting plate or sheet; several factors must be considered when selecting a particular lifting device:

  • Maximum load
  • Single or multiple pieces per lift
  • Temperature
  • Pick / place from a stack?
  • Material thickness
  • Maximum / minimum dimensions
  • Magnetic properties
  • Acceptable deflection of material during lift
  • Surface critical requirements
  • Crane limitations (rated capacity, available headroom)

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