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Single Diameter Tongs

Bradley Diameter Tongs are well suited for handling round loads such as pipe, billets, tubing, or ingots. Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic operation is available as an option. Our tong designs wrap around and grip round loads to minimize marking and are custom-designed to suit your specific range of diameters and lengths. Single Tongs are well suited for short loads, or when compact size is important.

Single Tongs

Multi-Leg Tongs

Multi-Leg Diameter Tongs

Multi-Leg Tongs are the right choice when handling multiple round loads or extremely long loads. Automatic operation is the preferred choice for this type of tong, as it allows virtually “hands-free” operation when attaching to and releasing loads. Our tongs are custom-designed to suit your specific range of diameters and lengths. Most common designs suit horizontal handling applications, but vertical handling solutions are also available.

Asked & Answered

Q: How do these devices operate? A: Diameter Tongs can be configured to operate several ways:

  • Automatically, where the hoist action engages or disengages the tong (“click-on, click-off”).
  • Semi-Automatically, where a drop latch is used to hold the tong open and must be manually raised when lifting to allow the tong to close.
  • Manually, where the tong is manually held-open to place on the load and manually opened to remove.

Q: Is there a limit to the sizes of diameters that can be handled? A: By design, Diameter Tongs can grip over a given range of sizes. Smaller loads can also be “cradled” and carried by the tong.

Q: Is there a limit to the length of loads that these tongs can handle? A: Since all Bradley equipment is custom designed to suit your application, the possibilities are endless! Call us to discuss your application today.

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