As a manufacturer of below-the-hook lifting equipment for over 45 years, Bradley Lifting has both the technical skills and the experience to provide an accurate, on-site assessment of your lifting equipment.

The national consensus standard for below-the-hook lifters from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME B30.20, requires periodic visual inspection of lifting equipment. Dated inspection reports must be kept on file for each piece of lifting equipment.

A visual examination of your below-the-hook lifter by Bradley Lifting will include a review of the following (ref. B30.20, Section 20-1.3):

  • structural members for deformation, cracks or excessive wear on any part of the lifter
  • loose or missing guards, fasteners, covers, stops or nameplates
  • all functional operating mechanisms for misadjustments interfering with operation
  • loose bolts or fasteners
  • cracked or worn gears, pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, bearings, chains and belts
  • excessive wear of friction pads, linkages and other mechanical parts
  • excessive wear of hoist hooking points and load support clevises or pins

A dated, detailed inspection report is generated for every lifting device, noting the condition of inspected items, highlighting any areas that need immediate attention by maintenance personnel or perhaps further investigation. The report is a valuable reference during future inspections or repairs as a process of detecting trends in wear or damage.