Below the hook lifting equipment is an essential part of many material handling applications. In order to maximize the safety and efficiency of these applications, motorized equipment is typically preferred, however an existing power supply is not always available from the crane to power the equipment. This blog will discuss how battery power can be utilized to allow for the use of motorized equipment, without making any modifications to your existing crane.

Battery Powered Rotators

The most common application that utilizes battery power is adding the function of a motorized rotate drive onto an existing standard crane bottom block. In cases where it is not possible or practical to replace your existing crane bottom block, a Bradley Hook-On Rotator is the ideal solution to provide the functionality of powered rotation, without making any permanent modifications to your crane.

Bradley Hook-On Rotators offer a ready-made solution, including multiple convenient features for easy installation and use. The use of a radio transmitter and receiver, as well as an on-board rechargeable battery bank, eliminates the need for installing power and control wiring down to your crane bottom block.

Battery Powered Lifters


In addition to power rotating hook blocks, Bradley can provide battery powered lifting equipment for handling coils and sheet. Motorized telescoping coil and sheet lifters provide the ability to handle a wide range of load sizes, while keeping personnel out of harm’s way. These lifting devices can utilize the same radio transmitter as the batter powered rotators to provide an all-in-one controller for the operator. Finally, the addition of batter power allows for the inclusion of any of the additional safety features typically recommended for these styles of lifters, such as coil contact plates or load cells.


In order to properly size the batteries needed for your lifting equipment, some details about your application, such as cycle time and shift length, will be needed. Bradley Applications Engineers are always available to assist you. If you have any questions Click Here to contact us, and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.