The railroad industry is a very specialized business with many specific applications. In this post, we will cover some of the lifting solutions that Bradley can supply to increase the efficiency and safety of your operations.

Automatic Axle Tongs

Automatic Axle Tongs are an ideal solution for transporting axles around your plant. These lifters have a pair of diameter tongs sizes specifically for your axle body. The tongs are held open by our automatic latch, which allows the legs to close when set down on the axle body. Polyurethane pads can be included on the lifting surfaces to help protect the axle surface finish.

Automatic Wheel and Axle Grabs

For applications where you need to handle wheel and axle assemblies by the wheel rim, an Automatic Wheel and Axle Grab is the best solution. This style of grab is engaged and disengaged by an automatic latch, similar to the Automatic Axle Tongs above. The lifting lips are sized to match the specific wheels used in your application.

If you are able to bring power to the grab, load detecting limit switches can be installed on the grab to provide a feedback signal to indicate when the lifting lips are engaged on the wheels.

If a motor is installed on the wheel and axle assembly that you are handling, a chain sling with motor hook can be included to avoid rotation of the assembly while suspended from the lifter.

Automatic Bogie (Truck) Assembly Lifters

Moving down the line, if you need to handle an entire bogie assembly, an Automatic Bogie Lifter is the right tool. These lifters are comprised of two Automatic Wheel and Axle Grabs, connected by a main upper beam to match the spread of the bogie wheel spacing.

The frame of the lifter is shaped to trip the automatic latch when the lifter is set onto the wheelsets, while avoiding interference with any other components of the bogie assembly. This may involve gripping by the interior or exterior of the wheel rims depending on the bogie construction.

Vertical Wheel Tongs

In instances where you only need to handle a single wheel vertically, a Vertical Wheel Tong is the best solution. These units can either incorporate our automatic latch, or they can be engaged and disengaged manually with the use of a locking pin.

Horizontal Wheel Tongs

The last style of lifter that will be covered in this post is our Horizontal Wheel Tongs. This style of lifter includes three lifting lips to carry underneath a single wheel. The legs can either be held open with our automatic latch, or with a manually activated hold-open lever.

As a reminder, all Bradley equipment is custom designed to fit your specific application. Whether you are interested in any of the equipment above, or you have another application in the Railroad Industry, please Click Here to contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.