In this post we will discuss Telescoping Beams. Telescoping beams can be used to handle loads that have a large range of length.

These beams typically consist of a fixed frame, with telescoping inner frames on each end. The telescoping frames are driven by a gearmotor with torque limiter to a final rack and pinion.

Telescoping Sling Beams

Telescoping Sling Beams are the ideal solution when you need to handle bundles of varying length loads, using slings.

Telescoping Vacuum Beams

If you are handling individual sheets of non-magnetic material, a Telescoping Vacuum Beam is the best solution. The beam can utilize the existing vacuum source on your crane, or a vacuum pump can be mounted directly on the beam’s frame. If you also need to lift sheet with a large range in width, the vacuum pads can be manually adjusted to handle the entire range.

Telescoping Magnet Beams

If your application calls for magnets instead of vacuums, a Telescoping Magnet Beam can be supplied. All of the required wiring can be incorporated into the design, and in some cases your existing magnets may be able to be repurposed.


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