Homogenization is an important step in the processing of aluminum billets. Once the billets have been lifted out of the casting pits and downended, they must be placed into a homogenizing furnace to ensure that the material properties are consistent throughout the entire billet. This process is typically completed by lifting a stack of multiple rows of billets onto the furnace table, which moves the billets into and out of the furnace. Rows of steel spacers are placed in between each row of aluminum billets to improve the homogenization process.

Telescoping billet grabs are designed to handle multiple rows of aluminum billets for loading the homogenizing furnaces. They include a pair of drop legs with continuous carrying angles, which are driven in and out by a motor with brake, worm gear reducer, and final rack and pinion. The drop legs are sized according for the desired customer stack height.

For plant managers looking to eliminate the need to manually place the steel spacers in between each row of aluminum billets, a telescoping billet and spacer grab could be the perfect solution. This style of grab is similar to the telescoping billet grab, however it includes a second set of motor driven legs for lifting rows of steel spacers. This grab can help to improve the efficiency of the furnace loading process, by reducing the manpower needed to complete this process.

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