Flue Wall Straightener


Throughout the life of an anode bake furnace, the heat cycling the flue walls are subjected to can cause them to become misaligned and unstable. The Flue Wall Straightener was developed specifically to push the refractory bricks back into place and extend the service life of the pit.

The Flue Wall Straightener consists of an upper frame with two opposing beam members suspended by chains, that open and close via hydraulic cylinders, to suit the pit width. The upper frame houses a hydraulic power unit to operate the cylinders.

One beam member is continuous, with the opposing beam member being hinged near the center. The hydraulic cylinders are mounted horizontally between the opposing beam members, to push outward and help realign the bricks in the “bowed” walls.

Flue Wall Straightener in Storage Stand


The straightener is typically suspended directly from the upper frame by four chains, but the unit can be designed to suit most hoist configurations.

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