Maintenance is an important aspect of ensuring the maximum return on your investments. This applies to all segments of your production line, not just lifting equipment. For an anode bake furnace, maintenance can be a substantial and risky task. The equipment we’ll be discussing today is designed to remove some of that risk, by giving maintenance crews a safe way to enter and exit the furnace pits: the pit maintenance platform.  

This unit consists of an upper frame to straddle a section of the furnace with horizontally traveling carriages move along this upper frame to access the pits. Vertically traveling “baskets”integrated in the carriages, are designed to operate inside the furnace pits, to allow crews access to the entire pit from top to bottom.  


                           An Example of a Pit Maintenance Platform


The baskets are individually raised and lowered by wire rope drums, typically driven by electric motors with gear reducer drives. Load arrestors are provided on each basket, in case of cable failure.  

The baskets extend the length of the furnace pit and are provided with removable grating segments to allow access below them. The baskets are provided with handrails on all sides of the basket to ensure the safety of the maintenance crew.


                                                              Example of the Basket


The platform can be designed to suit any available power supplyand typically includes compressed air and electrical supplies to power whatever tools a maintenance crew may need. 

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