Having the ability to rotate large, suspended loads remotely is vital to optimizing the safety and efficiency of many material applications. However, it is not always possible or practical to replace your existing crane bottom block with a Power Rotating Hook Block. In these instances, a Bradley Hook-On Rotator is the ideal solution to provide the functionality of powered rotation, without making any permanent modifications to your crane.

Power Rotating Hook BlocksPower Rotating Hook Blocks

Bradley Hook-On Rotators offer a ready-made solution, including multiple convenient features for easy installation and use. The use of a radio transmitter and receiver, as well as an on-board rechargeable battery bank, eliminate the need for installing power and control wiring down to your crane bottom block.

Additionally, pull-pin style lifting bails can be used to provide a secure connection, as well as reduce the overall consumed headroom of the rotator.

Finally, Bradley can incorporate the same size crane hook as in your crane bottom block for seamless integration with your existing below-the-hook lifting equipment.

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Hook-On Rotator