Bradley Power Rotating Hook Blocks are an ideal solution for applications that require controlled rotation of suspended loads. Whether you are installing a new crane or retrofitting an existing one, Bradley can design a custom Power Rotating Hook Block to fit your needs. Upgrading your crane bottom blocks to include motorized rotation can help eliminate safety concerns, such as having floor personnel near suspended loads and the use of taglines.

Electronic or mechanical stops can be added to index the hook position at 90° increments, to help maximize the rotational precision. If additional control is required, a variable frequency drive can be installed to provided controlled acceleration/deceleration of the hook’s rotation. Slip rings for pass-through connections are available on the block to connect suspended, powered equipment below the hook and avoid twisting of conductors.

Additional features are also available, such as weigh scale systems and remotely operated hook latches, which we will discuss in more detail in future blog posts. As always, you can contact us with any questions and one of our Applications Engineers will be happy to provide additional information.