Remote Operated Hook LatchHaving a durable latch on your crane hooks is an essential step to increase safety in your plant. Not only is it required by the governing organizations for cranes in the United States, such as CMAA, ASME, and OSHA, it is also considered to be a best practice by crane safety crews around the world. The biggest obstacle that arises from installing a safety latch on a crane hook is that it typically requires floor personnel to manually operate the latch for engaging and disengaging from the load.

That obstacle can be overcome by installing a Bradley Remote Operated Hook Latch. A remote operated hook latch allows the crane operator to engage and disengage the safety latch on your crane hook from a distance to keep floor personnel out of danger. In many cases Bradley Lifting can custom design a remote operated hook latch to fit onto your existing crane hook. The latch can either be powered by the existing power supply on your hook block or Bradley can include an onboard rechargeable battery pack. A video of a remote operated hook latch can be seen Here.

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