Flue Wall Lifter

As global demand for aluminum continues to rise, a key factor in meeting this demand is improving efficiency throughout the production process. Keeping process equipment operating in optimal condition is a critical path to achieving these goals and Bradley Lifting offers a full complement of custom equipment designed to help Aluminum producers maintain their process lines. This blog series will focus on the equipment used in the production of Carbon Anodes, a critical consumable in the smelting of Aluminum.

For many of the global aluminum producers, Bradley Lifting has provided a series of equipment designed to improve the process of anode baking furnace maintenance. In today’s post, we’ll explore equipment designed to handle refractory Flue Walls, and discuss how adding such a unit to your process can increase maintenance efficiency as well as personnel safety.

Our Flue Wall Lifters are designed to transport a complete, pre-built, refractory wall from outside the baking pit and install it in place, eliminating the need for personnel to build the wall entirely in the baking pit.  We have developed versions that handle half-walls, full walls, and end walls for various sizes of bake furnaces around the world.

The unit shown is specifically designed for handling a full pre-built wall. This unit consists of a single suspended head frame with two sets of pivoted legs and carrying angles to support the flue wall. The legs are typically driven by an AC motor with gear reducers and ACME lead screws, but we also offer the options of a DC motor or Hydraulic power if required.

Safety features such as minimum and maximum position limit switches, indicator lights, and backup leg locking devices are incorporated in our design as standard, to ensure the highest degree of safety.

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