The previous entries in this series have focused on the construction and maintenance of f. In this post, we will discuss equipment developed to remove them: The Flue Wall Demolition Tong. This device eliminates the need for a crew of maintenance personnel to physically demolish the wall within the furnace pit; a lengthy and potentially hazardous task.

The Flue Wall Demolition Tong consists of a fixed upper frame with multiple sets of tong levers, operated by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. The tong legs are provided with replaceable hard bit teeth that securely grab the flue wall bricks, and transport them to your scrap buckets. The tong is designed so that the cylinders provide the initial “bite” on the wall, but the final break out force is provided by the vertical motion of your hoist.


      A Flue Wall Demolition Tong in use


The utilities required for this style of lifter depend on the cylinder type that is selected. For units with hydraulic cylinders, only an electrical supply is required, to run the hydraulic power unit. For units configured with air cylinders, only compressed air needs to be brought to the unit.

A Flue Wall Demolition Tong can be configured to remove just a small segment up to an entire wall, depending on the length of the jaws.  The size of “bite” is only limited by your crane’s capacity. Typically, they are suspended from a standard crane hook, but other suspension options can be integrated if required by your facility set up.

Check back soon as we continue our in depth look at Anode Bake Furnace Maintenance Equipment.

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