Flue Wall Cleaner


In our series on anode bake furnace maintenance equipment, so far we have discussed the use case and design of the Flue Wall Lifter. While that unit is designed to make installation of flue walls a more efficient process, the Flue Wall Cleaner is designed for maintenance tasks throughout the life of the anode bake furnace. Its job is to clean the carbon build-up from flue walls between baking cycles, thus removing personnel from a hazardous area.

The basic design of the unit consists of a fixed upper frame with a number of pairs of legs, each operated by a horizontally mounted air cylinder. Each leg has a pivoted brush section with replaceable fixed cup brushes. Each brush section pivots individually to compensate for any “bow” that may exist in the flue walls.

                      Detail of Brush Pad


These units can be configured to include a variety of options, such as built-in stands, fork pockets to handle the unit off the crane hook, or handling slings if the unit isn’t designed with lifting bails.

      Flue Wall Cleaner with Fork Lift Pockets


With regards to handling, we have previously built units that are designed to be gripped by the jaws of the customer’s anode grab. This means that the unit won’t need to be handled by a separate maintenance crane, and can lead to increased efficiency of the process. These devices can also be provided with lifting bails, to suspend them from the crane hook.

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