Material handling equipment is often subjected to extreme operating conditions, especially when used in the mill environment. Frequent inspection and preventative maintenance are the best ways to ensure that your equipment continues to function safely and reliably, and can help to keep your below-the-hook lifting equipment in peak operating condition for many years, maximizing the return on your investment.

When you send a unit to Bradley Lifting for repairs, our Service Engineers and Repair Technicians will first perform a rigorous inspection, which includes functional testing, cleaning, and a complete teardown inspection of its critical components. A detailed report of the condition of the unit is provided, with repair recommendations. Once the desired repairs have been completed, the unit is functionally tested, and its operational data is recorded for future reference.

vertical coil grab before and after repairs
                            A vertical coil grab before and after repairs and reconditioning

Bradley Lifting also offers On-Site inspection services. Our Service Engineers are available to visit your plant and perform a visual inspection of the desired units, as detailed in ASME B30.20. Section 20-1.3. A detailed inspection report is generated for every lifting device, noting the condition of inspected items, highlighting any areas that need immediate attention by maintenance personnel or perhaps further investigation. The report is a valuable reference during future inspections or repairs as a process of detecting trends in wear or damage.

You can find additional information about our Service and Repair offerings here.

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