Vacuum Lifters

Bradley Lifting designs and manufactures heavy duty vacuum lifting equipment for customers with specialized requirements. Vacuum Lifters are generally used for handling materials with the following characteristics:
  • Non-magnetic
  • Thin and difficult to grasp with other lifting devices
  • Susceptible to surface / edge marking or damage
  • Single sheet handling from a stack

Our Vacuum Lifters emphasize safety by using “ready-to-lift” vacuum monitoring systems, on-board / integral reservoirs for loss of power conditions and heavy-duty vacuum pads. Ranging in size from single pad lifters to multi-zone, articulating pad lifters on telescoping and/or rotating beams, Bradley Lifting can design a vacuum lifter system to meet your specific requirements.

Vacuum lifters with single pads

Single Pad Vacuum Lifters >

For lifting materials of moderate size and with a relatively rigid structure, a single pad vacuum lifter may be the best solution.
Vacuum lifters with multiple pads

Multiple Pad Vacuum Lifters >

For heavier loads or large surface areas, multiple pad vacuum lifter designs are available.