Telescoping Drive Lifters

Telescoping Drive Lifters have a mechanical drive system to open and close the lifting device. The power source for the drive may be as simple as a hand wheel or as sophisticated as an electric motor interfaced with the crane controls. Telescoping Drive Lifters have advantages over Tongs such as a wider grip range and the ability to close the lifter independent of the vertical position of the crane hook.

Telescoping Drive Lifters often incorporate mechanical features on the legs such as wedges, cams, etc. These features use the weight of the load multiply the grip force during the lift, much like a Tong.

Telescoping Drive Lifters from Bradley Lifting are designed with redundant safety features on the drive mechanisms to maintain the grip on the load (i.e. self-locking lead screws, motor brakes), even in the event of a power failure. Optional load sensing and electrical lock-out systems for the Open / Close functions are also available.

Two-Leg Lifters

Two-Leg Lifters >

Two-Leg Telescoping Drive Lifters are designed to grip a load either on the O.D., I.D., from the ends or even underneath. The drive mechanism allows the lifter to accommodate a broad range of product sizes.
Multi-Leg Lifters

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Multi-Leg Telescoping Drive Lifters are used for handling ingots, slabs, stacks of plate or sheet and rows of billets. As the length of the load increases, additional support legs are required to provide stability during the lift.
Rollover/Dump Drive Grabs

Rollover/Dump Drive Grabs >

Two-Leg Lifters also include a feature for powered rotation at the point of gripping the load. Common applications include drum dumping and turning over paper rolls.