Telescoping Drive Ingot Grabs

Ingot Grabs with Telescoping Drive Telescoping Drive Ingot Grabs are similar to Ingot Tongs, particularly for down-ending. However, the Telescoping Drive mechanism offers two advantages over the Tong. First, a wider range of ingot sizes can be accommodated by a Telescoping Drive mechanism as compared to a Tong. Second, the Telescoping Drive Grab requires much less vertical movement of the crane hook to engage and begin the lift than the Ingot Tong.

The Telescoping Drive Ingot Grabs by Bradley Lifting use wedge mechanisms in the leg assemblies. The wedges apply additional grip force to the load, in proportion to the weight of the ingot.

Bradley Lifting offers several options for Ingot Grabs: load sensing, lock-out of the Open function during the lift, multiple warning light configurations and a unique wedge locking mechanism for ingot down-ending.

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from Bradley Lifting is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard.

Please view our Ingot Grab Photo Gallery to see just a few of the Telescoping Drive Ingot Grabs manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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