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There are many examples of specialized lifting equipment that Bradley Lifting has developed in collaboration with our customers. A few notable examples are listed below and more are shown in the Gallery section.

Example: Conveyor Roll Polisher

Problem: A customer approached Bradley Lifting with the problem of cleaning multiple conveyor rolls in place. Over time the rolls would become encrusted with dirt and debris, affecting the finished product on the conveyor. It was an arduous and time consuming process to polish each roll by hand.

Solution: Bradley Lifting developed a crane suspended polishing machine that quickly ran the length of the conveyor, cleaning the body of each roll as it passed. The result was reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Example: Multiple Slab Piling Grab

Problem: A steel mill customer needed a quick and efficient way to remove slabs, at as-cast temperatures, from the exit of a continuous caster and stack in a nearby transfer area.

Solution: Bradley Lifting developed a 100 ton motorized slab stacker that lifts a single slab on exit from the caster, holds it in position for a second slab to arrive. Once a second slab is available, the unit lowers and picks up both slabs. Only after a third slab appears and is added to the stack does the unit cycle to the side of the caster unit and place the material in a transfer zone.

Please view our Photo Gallery to see some of the Special Purpose Lifting Equipment that is manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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