Slab Tongs

Slab Tongs from Bradley Lifting are rugged, mill-duty lifting devices suited for continuous operations where reliability and up-time are critical. Bradley Lifting offers slab tongs with a full mechanical design where the unit is held open by a heavy-duty automatic latching mechanism. Slab Tongs with automatic latches are generally used for single slab handling.

For multiple slab handling, a motorized Slab Tong is available. An electric motor opens and closes the Slab Tong for selective pick-and-place of either a single or multiple slabs from a stack.

Bradley Lifting Slab Tongs can be configured for high temperature slab handling (> 1000 F).

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from Bradley Lifting is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard.

Please view our Slab Tongs Photo Gallery to see just a few of the Slab Lifting Devices manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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