Service At Bradley Lifting, we are serious about Service.

Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary for below-the-hook lifting equipment to operate at peak performance. Bradley Lifting has an experienced and knowledgeable Service Group to support your service needs.


Periodic, on-site inspections are a good way to identify lifter problems before they become a safety issue or cause unscheduled downtime. Bradley Lifting Service Engineers apply the expertise of a dedicated below-the-hook manufacturer to field inspections.


At our lifter repair facilities, Bradley Lifting can provide a thorough teardown, cleaning and detailed inspection report, with recommendations for repair or replacement of worn or damaged components.


Stringent safety requirements inside modern factories mean that below-the-hook equipment needs traceability and complete documentation. Bradley Lifting can assist customers with these requirements. Note: complete, serialized documentation has been kept in the records at Bradley Lifting for every lifter (and spare part) either manufactured or repaired since the founding of the company in 1972!

Occasionally older lifting equipment, perhaps from an unknown supplier, does not meet the labeling/marking requirements within the below-the-hook standard, ASME B30.20. In addition, the overall load capacity rating of the unit may be in question. To remedy these situations, Bradley Lifting Engineers can provide Load Rating and Load Testing services.

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