Power Rotating Crane Hooks

Power Rotating Crane Hooks (Bottom Blocks) Bradley Lifting manufactures an extensive range of mill-duty Power Rotating Crane Hooks (Bottom Blocks). These units meet the latest industry specifications (CMAA, AIST Tech. Report No. 6, etc.) and include the following features:

  • High strength, alloy steel in critical load zones
  • Load block keyed and welded to side plates
  • Forged, alloy steel hook
  • Dedicated rolling element thrust bearing
  • Hardened (60 HRC) sheaves with rolling element bearings
  • Hardened sheave pin with lubrication point(s).

Powered rotation can be limited to specified range or full 360 continuous. Many additional features can be incorporated into any of our Powered Rotating Crane Hooks:

  • Reeved-in or bail pin crane connections
  • Heavy duty safety latches (multiple options)
  • Low headroom configurations
  • Power supplies for below-the-hook lifting equipment
  • Mechanical disengage from rotator drive (unpowered rotation)
  • Weigh scale systems (digital display or direct interface)

Please view our Photo Gallery to see just a few of the Powered Rotating Crane Hooks manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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