Plate and Sheet

Bradley Lifting produces many different below-the-hook devices for lifting plate or sheet; several factors must be considered when selecting a particular lifting device:
  • Maximum load
  • Single or multiple pieces per lift
  • Temperature
  • Pick / place from a stack?
  • Material thickness
  • Maximum / minimum dimensions
  • Magnetic properties
  • Acceptable deflection of material during lift
  • Surface critical requirements
  • Crane limitations (rated capacity, available headroom)
Applications Engineers at Bradley Lifting can help you select the proper Plate or Sheet Lifter for your particular task.
Plate Tongs

Plate Tongs >

Plate Tongs offer a simple and efficient method for lifting and moving a single plate. Bradley Lifting uses high strength alloy steel in the links and lever members, plus cold finished alloy steel in all of the pin connections.
Multi-Leg Telescoping Drive Lifters

Multi-Leg Telescoping Drive Lifters >

Multi-Leg Telescoping Drive Lifters are used for handling ingots, slabs, stacks of plate or sheet. As the length of the load increases, additional support legs are required to provide stability during the lift.
Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum Lifters >

Bradley Lifting designs and manufactures heavy duty vacuum lifting equipment for customers with specialized requirements.
Parallel Linkage Lifter

Parallel Linkage Lifter >

Parallel Linkage Lifters are frequently used for sheet or tray lifting. The parallel linkage design is good for narrow aisles, but does require some additional headroom to operate when compared to a Linear Drive Multi-Leg Lifter.
Pallet Lifters

Pallet Lifters >

Pallet Lifters are produced in a wide range of configurations, specifically suited to the customer’s application and material handling requirements. Bradley Lifting has produced Pallet Lifters with either fixed or adjustable forks.