Paper Rolls

Bradley Lifting has a long history of supplying below-the-hook lifting equipment to the paper industry. From lifting paper rolls (with and without a central shaft) to handling bails of scrap paper, Bradley Lifting has lifting equipment for high production paper manufacturing facilities.

Applications Engineers at Bradley Lifting can help you select the Paper Roll grab for your specific task.

Paper Roll Lifters

Paper Roll Lifters >

For paper rolls, Bradley Lifting supplies many variations of Tongs or Telescoping Drive Lifters, depending on the requirements of the application.
Hooks and Beam Lifting Devices

Hooks and Beams >

Bradley Lifting supplies many different Hook and Beam lifting devices for paper roll handling.
Paper Roll Turnover Grab Lifter

Paper Roll Turnover Grab >

Bradley Lifting has produced a number of turnover grabs for paper rolls (i.e. rotate from centerline horizontal into the vertical, or vice-versa).