Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams (also know as Spreader Beams) are, at first glance, relatively simple devices. However, it takes a knowledgeable and experienced supplier to produce a lifting beam that is reliable, safe and maximizes the efficiency of a customer’s operation. Bradley Lifting manufactures Lifting Beams that are suitable for mill-duty service by incorporating keyed and welded connections, closed section members, reinforced joints and high strength alloy steel in wear or damage prone areas.

Lifting Beams with Multiple Attachment Points >

A Lifting Beam (Spreader Beam) is often the backbone for connecting other lifting accessories such as wire or chain slings.

Lifting Beams with J-Hooks >

Bradley Lifting has designed a wide assortment of lifting beams (Spreader Beams) with a J-hook option. Hooks can either be fixed or pivoting.

Rebalance Lifting Beams >

Rebalance Lifting Beams (Spreader Beams) are for material handling situations where the center of gravity of the lifter changes (variations in the load weight or shape).

Grabs for Mobile Lift Trucks >

Bradley Lifting manufactures custom lifting devices for use on industrial lift trucks.

Specialized Lifting Beams >

Bradley Lifting can create a totally specialized Lifting Beam (Spreader Beam) that incorporates multiple features for a specific application.