Diameter Tongs

Diameter Tong Grabs

Diameter Tongs are specifically designed to lift round or cylindrical loads (pipe, tube, bars, etc.) A conformal leg of the lifting equipment engages below the center-point of the load where not only is the load cradled by the legs, but also securely clamped on the outside diameter.

Each Diameter Tong is designed for a specific size range; it is very important that Bradley Lifting engineers understand the maximum and minimum diameters.

Some Diameter Tongs use multiple legs for lifting long, slender materials, thereby reducing deflection and improving handling. It is also possible to lift multiple rounds as either stacked bundles or in parallel.

If the inside diameter (I.D.) of a round object is accessible, a Diameter Tong can also be used. Lifting on the I.D. is usually either a friction grip on the I.D. wall or engaging the underside of the load through the I.D.

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from Bradley Lifting is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard.

Please view our Diameter Tongs Photo Gallery to see just a few of the Diameter Tongs manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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