Coil Grabs come in many shapes and sizes. From a simple C-Hook to a motorized Telescoping Coil Lifter, the proper choice of lifter depends on several factors. What is the orientation of the coil (centerline horizontal or vertical, a.k.a. “eye-to-the-sky” )? How much space is available around the coil to engage the coil grab? Is there a wide variation in coil diameters and widths?

Applications Engineers at Bradley Lifting can help you select the proper Coil Grab for your particular task.

Vertical Axis Coil Tongs

Vertical Axis Coil Tongs >

For coils positioned with the axis vertical ("eye to the sky") and the underside of the coil is not accessible, a Vertical Axis Coil Tong is required.
Telescoping Coil Lifter

Telescoping Coil Lifter >

A Telescoping Coil Lifter is commonly used for handling coils where the centerline is horizontal. The Telescoping Coil Lifter offers a low head room profile and accommodates a wide range of coil sizes (O.D. and width).

C-Hooks >

Heavy-duty C-Hooks from Bradley Lifting have a backbone of one-piece, alloy steel and are designed for a 24/7 production environment.
Parallel Linkage Coil Lifter

Parallel Linkage Coil Lifter >

Parallel Linkage Lifters are commonly used for coil handling (coil axis horizontal). The linkage mechanism is good for narrow aisles in coil storage areas, but does require additional headroom to operate when compared to a Telescoping Drive Lifter.