C-Hooks for Coils

C-Hook Coil Lifter Heavy-duty C-Hooks from Bradley Lifting have a backbone of one-piece, alloy steel and are designed for a 24/7 production environment. A common application for C-Hooks is coil handling and Bradley Lifting C-Hooks include a number of features specifically for this task:

  • a large, radiused coil I.D. support on the lifting leg
  • coil protection bumpers at critical locations
  • generous lead-in taper for loading
  • counter-weighted to hang level in the unloaded condition.

For other material handling applications, Bradley Lifting has provided many specialty C-Hooks. In each case, all high stress areas on the C-Hook are isolated from contact with the load and welding is not permitted in fatigue sensitive zones.

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from Bradley Lifting is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard.

Please view our C-Hook Coil Lifting Photo Gallery to see just a few of the C-Hooks manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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