Block Handling

The handling of block-shaped materials is a common requirement and Bradley Lifting engineers have developed a long list of proven lifting solutions. Bradley Lifting has experience with all of the following: metals (ferrous & non-ferrous), wood, paper, carbon, cement and much more.

Bradley Lifting grabs can lift either a single block or clamp across several blocks at once (i.e. "book-ending"). During the lift, our Block Grabs can rotate the load about any axis or, for multiple items, shift the position of each block relative to the group.

Blocks can be efficiently handled using Tongs, Telescoping Drive Lifters, or almost any other family of lifting equipment that Bradley Lifting manufactures. Our Application Engineers can help you select the proper tool for your Block Handling requirements.

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from Bradley Lifting is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard.

Please view our Photo Gallery to see just a few examples of Block Handling equipment manufactured by Bradley Lifting.

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